Some of us remember the good old days. And lots of us have only heard about them. It was a time when the corner drug store and the neighborhood diner was the only place everybody wanted to be. There was friendly competition between the chatter and the clatter, and everything tasted really good. The service was friendly. Everybody had fun and felt at home. It was the 40'S and 50's…A Classic American Time. Well, that time is here again…at our diner. Where the whirr of the blender cuts through the sound of sizzle from the grill. Where the famous shakes and malts are served in the tins they're mixed in. The burgers are cooked perfect, your eggs are just the way you like 'em, and the specials are just like they came off Mom's stovetop. Everything is cooked fresh here, anytime of the day or night…breakfast, lunch or dinner. So we'll look forward to seeing you, your family and friends again.

Welcome to a Classic American Time!

Court Street Diner

EST. 1997

18 N Court St

Athens, OH 45701-2419


740 594-8700

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Ample Parking At Athens City Parking Garagehttp://www.ohio.edu/athens/bldgs/cgarage.html

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